Where and How to Buy a Modest Formal Dress

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You want a prom dress that is beautiful, stylish and will make you feel like a princess on that special night. You also want your prom dress to be modest, comfortable and not make you feel like you are compromising your beliefs.

Here is a list of places to find just the right modest prom dress for your very special evening or to find ideas for making your own unique prom gown.

Beautifully Modest
offers a wide selection of modest prom dresses in a wide price range, as well as bridal and formal accessories.

A Dressy Occasion offers modest formal wear at a reasonable price.

Great Lengths sells modest gowns as well as other casual clothing.

Hotnmodest offers modest prom dresses and dresses for other occasions including church, weddings and family get-together s.

JenClothing has modest formal dresses, prom dresses and even bridesmaids dresses.

Modest by Design sells different styles of modest clothing. Check out the prom dress section for modest prom dresses.

Simply Elegant carries modest formal wear appropriate for proms or weddings.

Totally Modest offers a wide variety of modest prom dresses.

The Yellow Rose has modest prom dresses, wedding clothing and formal wear.

When considering modest prom clothing, ask yourself three questions.

1) What is the focus? Modest clothing is intended to draw the attention to the face, not to the body. Does the dress draw your eye upward without getting caught up in inappropriate places? Does the neckline flatter your face shape and chest? Does your chest look too prominent or flat in the dress? Aim for a look that shows off a pretty chest without making your chest the focus of the dress.

2) Am I comfortable? If your breasts are popping out of your neckline or if you are spending the evening wondering just how far up your thighs folks can see, you are not going to feel comfortable. You are also not going to be comfortable in a dress that is too tight. Choose something flattering to your body, but loose fitting so that you can move and dance without having to be distracted by your clothes. A-line skirts are pretty on everyone and are a good choice. Full, ball gown skirts are popular and give you a fairy tale feeling. Just make sure you can sit down without your skirt popping up.

3) Am I going to regret the way I look in pictures? There will be pictures taken at your prom, and they will be both posed and candid. Are you going to be embarrassed next week or in ten or twenty years by photos of you in your prom dress? Choose a timeless, classic dress that is flattering to your body type and doesn’t show too much skin. This way you will be proud to see pictures of yourself at your prom.





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