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Varsity Cardigan : Where to Buy for Best Value

Now that fall is rolling around, people are putting away their tank tops and shorts, and pulling out their varsity cardigan. Sweaters aren’t boring; they are great fashion statements if done well. There are tons of styles of sweaters, one of which is the varsity cardigan. These cardigans are especially popular right now, because they are great for the fall season. Finding the right cardigan for you at a great price can be tricky. Here are the four best cardigans, and at the best price possible.

The first cardigan comes from Forever 21, an extremely trendy store. There are all sorts of cool things you can find to go with your new cardigan here, from jeans, to necklaces. The cardigan here is the Wilde Striped Cardigan. This is a wide blue and grey striped cardigan that falls below your waist, just slightly. This is a lighter weight cardigan, which makes it perfect for fall. You won’t be too warm, nor will you be too cold. This cardigan costs only twenty-eight dollars. This is a very versatile sweater that works great with all sorts of outfits.

varsitycardiganThe next cardigan is from Kohl’s. This one is the Daisy Fuentes Open-Front Cardigan. This is a really cute and fashionable cardigan, with mid-length sleeves. It is very voluminous, and makes a real statement when you wear it. It comes in grey, purple, black, and pink, so there are tons of ways to wear this cardigan. It costs twenty six dollars, which is an amazing deal on this great cardigan. This is a very long cardigan, it goes to your knees, and it doesn’t close in the front. It is more for fashion than for function, and it is a great cardigan for any outfit.

Another great cardigan is from Macy’s. This is the Material Girl Sweater, V-Neck Long Sleeve Varsity Cardigan. This is a grey cardigan that has white stripes along the arms to make it look a bit like a varsity jacket. It has nice long sleeves, and it buttons up in the front. This cardigan is more tightly fitting than the others. It has two pockets on either side of the bottom, and the whole cardigan itself comes down to about your hip. It costs only twenty-eight dollars, which is a great deal on this cardigan. This is a great cardigan, and at a great price.

The last cardigan hails from Sears. This is a plainer varsity cardigan, so it is easy to throw over anything you want to. This is the Covington ¾ Sleeve V Neck Cardigan. This is really a great deal, it costs only eighteen dollars. It is a deep green color, and it has large buttons closing the front. It has a V neck, so it isn’t going to choke you, and it is nice and warm cardigan. It goes down to a little bit below your hips. This is really a great cardigan, and the price couldn’t possibly be better.