Fashionable Formal dresses

A fashionable formal dress is as important today as it was over 100 years ago when proms were more commonly known as a promenade. In the past a prom was just as important as it is today, wealthier Americans were part of glittering occasions and balls just as it is now. The prom or promenade was a formal dance where couples marched into the dazzling ballroom and were announced to the guests. The prom in the past was for the rich and specially designed for daughters coming out into society and a meaning that they were ready to be courted by an approved suitor and ready to entertain.

These fancy balls were grand events and the envy of the middle class parents, because they wanted the best for their children together with good manners and fine tastes. It was also a time where fashionable formal dresses were as important to the young as they are today.

Youngsters dressed up a lot and after the Great Depression and World War 2 where proms began to take on a newer meaning. They were held in schools, gyms and ballrooms and were more accessible to all instead of just the rich society. However, they still had a similar meaning with the best dressed couple being recognized.

Nowadays these grand events and occasions are more liberal and singles and groups of girls or singles don these special events.

The same principle still applies though and a girl wants to look her very best at this important time. Girls want to look beautiful and striking just like those in the past.

Today there is a lot more choice in jewels, color, fabrics, patterns and shapes to what it was like in past times.

Individuality and color are still important to those and a fashionable formal dress now can be in the form of any type of fabric and style. On the other hand if you prefer to dress in a classic style there is no harm in that. A little black dress is timeless and if that is what you are considering then go for it. Alternatively, if you prefer attempt a new idea and try a newer and diverse fashion. Now most things go and as in the past fashion can be more outrageous and these special events really show this off.

Just remember it is a special time in all girls’ lives and make certain your dresses suit you and your own style.  Fashionable or formal dresses, style, colour it doesn’t really matter anymore as long as you are happy with it and you stand out in the crowd. This time will stay with your forever.




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